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CSN’s Ultra Vitamin D3 is an oil-based softgel providing a whopping 10,000iu dose of vitamin D3 per serving!!!


The body requires vitamin D3 for optimal function, making it an essential vitamin. Its commonly known that we get vitamin D from the sun, meaning over here in the UK, the majority of the population is deficient in this vitamin.


Most health professionals would argue that you NEED to supplement with Vitamin D3 year round in countries where sun exposure is limited, making it even more essential that you have access to a quality product.


Vitamin D3 has been shown to be far more effective and bioavailable than D2, it is also known that this is amplified in an oil format over a tablet. This is why we have sourced this oil based product with D3.


This provides one of the strongest doses of D3 on the market, making it ideal for those of you trained individuals that require a much larger dose of vitamins and minerals.


Vitamin D can reduce stress fractures in athletes, helps maintain bone strength, plays a role in muscle function and can naturally boost testosterone. All of these combined will help improve performance.

Ultra Vitamin D3 - CSN

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