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After calorie consumption, hitting your protein target is a vital priority. Yes, you can achieve this from food alone. However, those of you with very high protein targets or want a substitute for eating high protein foods will benefit from supplementing with a protein powder.


Consuming a minimum of 1 scoop per day is a fantastic way to boost your protein intake, which will aid in recovery and therefore boost performance.


Per4m currently have the best selling proteins in the UK, which is no surprise due to their unbelievable taste. Redefining what we all are used to when it comes to protein supplements. These are worth a try!


Every serving is packed with highly bioavailable whey protein which mix easily with water or milk. We would also encourage you to mix these with your meals to create protein porridge, cream of rice, protein pancakes… The list goes on!


Give this a try next time you stock up on your protein supps.

Per4m Whey Protein 900g

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