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Cream of rice is a very easy source of carbohydrates. C.O.R is a rice cereal with added nutrients, vitamins and minerals along with digestive enzymes and probiotics to improve absorption.


Every serving of C.O.R is packed with 40g of carbohydrates, zero sugar and only 0.49g of fat, Making this the ideal pre or post workout source of carbohydrates. Rice is a fantastic source of complex carbs with a medium GI, meaning it will cause a very controlled release of energy. 


It is a favourite among many in the industry to mix protein powders with C.O.R, in a similar way to cooking oats to make protein porridge.


Cream of rice will be ideal for anyone looking for a boost in energy without the high calories or high fat content. This is very good for boosting energy and performance.


C.O.R is also vegan friendly and gluten free.


Cream of rice is ideal for both a ‘cutting’ and ‘gaining’ phase. You can use lots of water add volume to the mix if you want to feel fuller and reduce hunger in a ‘cutting’ phase, or visa versa use less water in a ‘gaining’ phase when your appetite is low.


You can add all sorts of nut butters, chocolate, fruit, jams and syrups to boost flavour and make it into a great meal.


Making Cream of Rice is really simple. Add one heaped scoop to 150ml of water in your blender bottle, shake and pour into a microwaveable bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds and then stir. Repeat this until you have the consistency of rice porridge you want. Cream of Rice can also be made with milk and if you are in a rush you can just mix it in your shaker with cold liquid and drink.

Cream of Rice 2.5kg - CSN

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