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Vitamin Ashwaghanda is arguably one of the most underrated supplements on the market.


It has incredible capabilities, backed with over 300 scientific studies showing mind blowing results in terms of its cortisol ‘stress hormone’ lowering effects.


It is a herb that has been used for years dating all the way back to ancient Indian medicine.


As well as its possibilities for lowering stress, it has also been shown to relieve anxiety.


This is a fantastic tool which can be beneficial to athletes looking for optimal recovery, by lowering themselves back into the PNS state after being involved in heavy physical exercise or after using stimulants.


It has also been shown to improve brain function, lower blood sugars, heart health and in some cases increase fertility!!!


If you are diabetic, You should consult a doctor before using this supplement.


We would highly recommend this to anyone looking to optimise recovery and sleep.

Ashwaghanda - Innovapharm

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